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June 10, 2017

After the unification of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), the resulting Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) became a truly global organization. While the former SCAA's member base included individuals and companies from all 50 states, the US is only one member nation of the new SCA, and national chapters from across Europe are now communicating in new ways with US coffee professionals in order to calibrate terminology, protocol, and other norms.

The agreement of standards for brewing, cupping, green grading, and other essential industry tasks was one of the main goals of unifying the two trade organizations. Now that expectations are the same across continents, there are greater opportunities for everyone to open dialogue about best practices, innovations, and experiments using this new common language.

Specialty Coffee Magazine aims to help facilitate this conversation by sharing updates from all member chapters. While the SCA remains the central resource for information and events relevant to the entire SCA member base, Specialty Coffee Magazine seeks to complement that broader platform by providing an additional space for member chapters to share updates about developments in specialty coffee in their respective countries.

The SCA Portugal was one of the first organizations to participate in this new online community connecting international specialty coffee professionals, writing in a letter of thanks, “We strongly trust that the Specialty Coffee Magazine will increase communication and will strengthen networking between partners.”

These ground level reports containing the details of events, collaborations, and competitions across consuming countries are not just of interest to other roasters and retailers; the Specialty Coffee Magazine platform is equally visible to producers, who are always looking for better ways to assess what buyers and consumers are looking for. The press releases and information shared by SCA member chapters provide producers with an indication of trends across consuming markets.

Have something to share from your country's chapter of the SCA? Send it over! One post at a time, we will make it possible for ideas and successes from one place to inspire further advances in other places across the globe. Stay tuned for many good things.

-Rachel Northrop is a contributor for the Specialty Coffee Magazine and the writer of When Coffee Speaks.

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Photo Credit: Landon Yost
RACHEL NORTHROP is a contributor for Specialty Coffee Magazine. Her articles focus on agriculture, environmental and economic sustainability at origin, emerging US roasters and retailers, and the personal narratives of people involved at all points along the supply chain. She began researching coffee production in 2012 for the book When Coffee Speaks: Stories from and of Latin American Coffeepeople. She works as the Northeast US & Canada rep for Ally Coffee’s specialty division. Read more at whencoffeespeaks.com.

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