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Specialty Coffee Magazine is proud to present a new section in our magazine, “Social Campaign”. This section serves to reach out to caring members of global coffee community who are willing and able to contribute to a good cause. This is the case of a coffee grower in Colombia. We hope you can help.

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Cristina Mendoza, president of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance, contacted us regarding a member of her community who is in need of urgent surgical intervention. Her name is Ms. Oliva Montenegro, she is a native of Cauca, Colombia.

Ms. Montenegro is 58 years old and lives in the village of Union Gramalote del Corregimiento Uribe Municipality of El Tambo Cauca. She is a single mother raising her 6 children with the work of the farm. Her children could only attend elementary school because of their scarce economic resources. Currently, she takes care of one of her kids.

In 1982, Mrs. Montenegro traveled in search of work to the Cauca Valley but unfortunately carrying out work activities while loading containers, a piece of glass affected her right eye causing serious and irreversible injuries. The Doctors could not do anything to save her sight so that after a while they had to extract it and adapt a prosthesis. After the surgery she worked for a time and then decided to return to her estate.

For the last 10 years, she has been confronted with a visual problem which has manifested itself in glaucoma, causing the loss of 70% of her vision according to medical certification. Because of the nature of her progressive sight damage, Ms. Montenegro is in need of urgent surgical intervention.

Ms. Montenegro is one of the founding members of the association and very active in community work.

For more information about how you can help Ms. Montenegro, please email to:
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RACHEL NORTHROP is a contributor for Specialty Coffee Magazine. Her articles focus on agriculture, environmental and economic sustainability at origin, emerging US roasters and retailers, and the personal narratives of people involved at all points along the supply chain. She began researching coffee production in 2012 for the book When Coffee Speaks: Stories from and of Latin American Coffeepeople. She works as the Northeast US & Canada rep for Ally Coffee’s specialty division. Read more at whencoffeespeaks.com.

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